Pharmacy ServicesLemarchand Dispensary is not only a specialty compounding pharmacy we are also a community pharmacy that prides itself on servicing all the pharmacy needs of our patients. We are committed to ensuring that we are ambassadors for our patients’ health. Below is a description of just a few of the pharmacy services we offer to our patients.


Lemarchand Dispensary is proud to offer a prescribing pharmacist on duty at all times. All of our pharmacists have Additional Prescribing Authority which allows them to provide new prescriptions to our patients. The purpose of this is to be able to assist our patients in treating their minor ailments if they are unable to see their family practitioner. We perform a thorough assessment of the patient and determine what is the best course of action to ensure that they receive the best possible care. There is no extra charge to the patient for this service.

Free Prescription Delivery

Our staff strongly believes that the lack mobility or transportation should not be a barrier for patients to receive their medications. Quite often our staff will personally deliver medications to our patients within close vicinity but if we cannot physically deliver it ourselves we work with dependable and reliable pharmacy couriers that ensure our patients get their medications in a timely manner. We offer this service at no charge.

Medication Assessments

The role of the pharmacist is evolving into one that is less technical and more clinical. In our practice we are fully embracing this evolution. We are happy to offer medication assessments and reviews for our patients. A medication assessment is when one of our pharmacists performs a detailed review of a patient’s medications and conditions with the patient. The purpose of this service is to eliminate things such as duplicate therapies, identify adverse reactions or interactions, and therapeutic failures. This service is typically at no charge to the patient.

Compliance or Blister Packaging

Patients who take multiple medications may find it difficult to organize or remember to take their medications at the correct time. This can result in doses being missed and conditions being left untreated or undertreated. Compliance or blister packaging is a system where our pharmacy staff pre-package medications for our patients in designated day and time slots. This is designed to lower the risk of confusion and make it simpler for our patients to take their medicationscorrectly. We can provide this service weekly or monthly at no extra charge.


All of our pharmacists at Lemarchand Dispensary have Injection Certification. This allows us to provide a number of vaccines such as the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine and a number of travel vaccines to our patients.