Lemarchand Dispensary is a community specialty compounding pharmacy that prides itself on caring for all of our patients’ pharmacy needs. We provide a personalized experience while ensuring that our patients have access to the best health care available.

Here are a few of the pharmacy services we offer at Lemarchand Dispensary.


Lemarchand Dispensary is proud to have a prescribing pharmacist in the building at all times. All of the pharmacists at Lemarchand Dispensary have Additional Prescribing Authority which means they can provide new prescriptions to all patients. We know it can be difficult to see a family practitioner for all minor ailments which is why we’re proud to offer this service.

Our pharmacists will perform a thorough assessment of the patient and determine the best course of action at no additional charge. Our goal is to provide the best possible patient care, and this service allows us to do exactly that.

Free Prescription Delivery

At Lemarchand Dispensary we go above and beyond to ensure our patients receive the medications they need when needed. Our staff strongly believes that lack of mobility or transportation should not prevent patients from receiving the help they deserve.

With our Free Prescription Delivery, we will personally deliver medications to patients within close vicinity and work with dependable and reliable pharmacy couriers to deliver to patients further away. This service allows patients to receive the medications they need promptly at no additional charge.

Medication Assessments

At Lemarchand Dispensary we are embracing the evolution of the modern-day pharmacist into one that is more clinical in nature. Taking a more clinical approach, we realize that patients and their medications must be assessed and reviewed regularly.

A Medication Assessment is when our pharmacists perform a detailed review of a patient and their medications and conditions. The goal of this in-depth review is to eliminate duplicate therapies and identify adverse reactions or interactions and therapeutic failures that may be causing more harm than good. We are proud to offer this service at no additional charge.

Compliance or Blister Packaging

We know it can be difficult to organize or remember to take multiple medications at the correct time. Missed doses can result in conditions being left untreated or undertreated which is why we offer free Compliance or Blister Packaging at Lemarchand Dispensary.

Compliance or Blister Packaging is a system where our pharmacy staff pre-package medications for patients in designated day and time slots. This system makes it easier for patients to take their medications correctly and ensures their conditions are being properly treated. We can provide this service weekly or monthly at no additional charge.


At Lemarchand Dispensary we are committed to making your time and health a priority. All of our pharmacists at Lemarchand Dispensary have Injection Certifications, allowing them to provide several vaccines right here at the Dispensary. Receive everything you need in one place, including a number of vaccines such as the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, and a number of travel vaccines.

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